For those looking for a quick fix, a massage parlor (MP) can be just the thing you need. You have your choice of a companion and your expenses are clearly defined.

First of all, you will have to determine your budget. The high-end MPs (Wilderness, Starfleet, Palacios, etc.) will take you back about P3000 to P4000, including the "extras." Rule of thumb, normally the extra service is equal to the room rate.
The process of availing the services in a massage parlor is quite simple and straight-forward.
Go inside building, and you will be escorted to the viewing area. Some MPs have different types if rooms---the expensive ones have a jacuzzi, some have private baths, the cheaper ones have communal baths. In my experience, the more expensive the room, the prettier the ladies, but there are exceptions so you may want to check out all the viewing areas.

Choose your girl. Sometimes the one escorting you will make a recommendation. If you ask me, don't believe him---sometimes they just want to help an attendant who is not getting any customer (and probably there is a good reason why she is not getting any customers!) Go to counter and pay for room.

You will be escorted to your room. You can wait for the girl if you want. Or you can go ahead and take a shower. The advantage of waiting for the girl is that sometimes she will shower with you. That in itself will get the action going . . .

After the shower, you can go ahead and have your massage. This is your opportunity to know the girl and engage in small talk. Be nice and charming and courteous. Imagine like this was a date and you are trying to get to know her. Flattery will get you everywhere.

Now if you are wondering how to go about asking for "extra service," just go ahead and ask. A statement like "gusto ko nang extra service" (translation: I want extra service) will be ok. Sometimes the girl herself will initiate. At this point, you can discuss terms. It is ok to haggle but don't treat this like a trip to the market. It is best that you discuss payment before the act, otherwise several embarrassing situations can occur. Needless to say, insist on a condom. Then lie back and enjoy.

Some attendants can be kissed or fingered, while some won't allow it. Some will blow you with no condom; some will do it only if there is a condom. Some won't even blow you at all. Some are ok with a second round; some insist on a second payment. The key here is respect the girl---she is already in an uncomfortable profession, don't make it any worse. And try to have fun. Treat her like a person. Again, do some small talk. Compliment her. If you enjoyed, giving her a little extra tip will help. If you like her, try to get her cell phone number. Treat her like a person and also like a friend. If the both of you enjoy, your second trip will be more comfortable and more fun.

Here a list of Massage Parlors

Flight 168
Palacio de Pedro
Executive Health Club

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