A KTV (short for Karaoke TV) is basically a site with several private rooms wherein you can drink, eat, talk, and sing together with a lady (called a Guest Relationship Officer, or GRO) of your choice.

When you enter a KTV, you will be introduced by a Guest Relationship Manager or a GRM, for short. Be nice, be honest, and be friendly with her because her recommendations will matter a lot. Based on the number of companions you have, she will recommend the size of a room. Standard rooms would normally have a karaoke set, TV, couch, and coffee table.

You will then be escorted to a viewing area where you can see the GROs.

Some KTVs offer special discount happy hour times, which are normally 6 - 9 pm. True, the choices of GROs may be limited, but you can get major discounts with the room and consumables. Sometimes up to 50%!

Here are a list of KTVs:

Air Force One